A Delicious Way to Say I Love You!

Since I first announced my newest creation a few weeks ago, I do have to admit that I wasn’t prepared for the rush of orders! My photo cookie cakes have been outselling every other customized cookie I make!

I love you wedding rings cookie cake.

Without-a-doubt the majority of photos that people have been sending me are for their wedding and anniversary cookies. And who can blame them? Each one of my custom cookie cakes measures 11 inches in diameter, therefore making it the perfect size for sharing with the one (or ones) you love the most!

Anniversary Cookie Cakes.

Don’t forget that any cookie cake can be customized with your own personal photo(s), and with next-day service available, we can even take care of last-minute requests! So what are you waiting for?
Click here to order your Flippin’ Good Cookies custom cookie cake today!

Wedding Cookie Cake.

Saying Thank-You….with Cookies.


In case you didn’t already realize, the sky is the limit so far as what I can print on my cookies! Camille Gregg with Jacksonville-based Outside the Box Consulting has not only been a huge support to helping to get my little business off the ground, but she’s also been an amazing friend over the past few years. Buying a thank-you cards just doesn’t cut it as far as I’m concerned, so check out these personalized thank you cookies.




Fresh out of the Oven: Wedding Cookies.

With Valentine’s Day well and truly behind us, my attention has been focused toward wedding cookies. Making cookies for a special occasion is always stressful, as I always want everything to be perfect. With that being said, check out some of my latest wedding-day-inspired creations below. I do have to say that I’m particularly proud of my wedding dress cookie!

Wedding Dress Cookie.

Wedding Dress Cookie by Flippin Good Cookies - Jacksonville


Picture your wedding reception or bridal shower with my imaginative, beautiful and tasty cookies, included as wedding favors or edible centerpieces. I bake specialty wedding cookies daily for Jacksonville’s weddings, receptions and other special occasions of all sizes.

Wedding Ring Cookie.

Wedding Ring Cookie by Flippin Good Cookies - Jacksonville

Riverside Arts Market April 16 ’11

Riverside Arst Market – April 16, 2011

We have so much fun meeting new people and introducing our Flippin’ Good Cookies to everyone whether we are at Riverside Arts Market, Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce meetings, Visit Jacksonville functions or any number of great events in Northeast Florida. We thought we would let some random folks try a sample of our cookies and see what they thought……Enjoy this unedited  “feedback” 🙂

We welcome YOU to try a Free sample when you see us out and about with our cookies:)

Have a Flippin’ Good Week!

Hey Lady!

To me ladybugs are the sweetest bugs in the world.  I also think that they bring you good luck when they pick you to land on.

Lady Luck:)

Lady Luck:)

Now you will have good luck for the rest of the day!

Flippin’ Hopping Fun

We had such a great time at RAM this weekend, & we got to pair up with Larry Levy, author of Harry the Hungry Frog

What better treat to give a child than a cookie & an awesome book!!


We had such an awesome time at RAM this weekend and Flipp’ was in full effect!  Check out all his moves!!!  Don’t forget to come see us again at RAM again this Saturday the 12th from 10-4!!!     

Black & White

Sometimes things are just black and white.  This is especially true about these fun cookies.  Not everything has to be in color and these cookies show just that! 
after your heart.  roar!!

after your heart. roar!!

be the flake of the party, in a really good way!

be the flake of the party, in a really good way!

it's your birthday!

it's your birthday!

my favorite flake.

my favorite flake.

this one gives me happy feet!

this one gives me happy feet!

Where the Cookie Magic Happens

This is just a little something to show everyone that we are not magic little elves in a tree, but people who really love bringing magic cookies into your life!

Thanks to all of you who allow us to practice magic!