Hey Lady!

To me ladybugs are the sweetest bugs in the world.  I also think that they bring you good luck when they pick you to land on.

Lady Luck:)

Lady Luck:)

Now you will have good luck for the rest of the day!

Flippin’ Hopping Fun

We had such a great time at RAM this weekend, & we got to pair up with Larry Levy, author of Harry the Hungry Frog

What better treat to give a child than a cookie & an awesome book!!


We had such an awesome time at RAM this weekend and Flipp’ was in full effect!  Check out all his moves!!!  Don’t forget to come see us again at RAM again this Saturday the 12th from 10-4!!!     

Black & White

Sometimes things are just black and white.  This is especially true about these fun cookies.  Not everything has to be in color and these cookies show just that! 
after your heart.  roar!!

after your heart. roar!!

be the flake of the party, in a really good way!

be the flake of the party, in a really good way!

it's your birthday!

it's your birthday!

my favorite flake.

my favorite flake.

this one gives me happy feet!

this one gives me happy feet!

Where the Cookie Magic Happens

This is just a little something to show everyone that we are not magic little elves in a tree, but people who really love bringing magic cookies into your life!

Thanks to all of you who allow us to practice magic!

I do

Who says that a wedding needs to just smell like flowers? 

Not our brides! 

The bride adored our boxes & the guests loved our cookies!!  We love making people happy & who wouldn’t be happy to see these little treats sitting on the table!   We saved the day with our bride & this is what she had to say:

Janice and her support team came to the rescue of a bride that I was assisting with planning her Nov. 7th wedding reception. The bride was supposed to have 200 yummy, heart-shaped shortbread cookies as favors for the reception. However, the previous wedding planner dropped the ball and the bride did not find out that her cookies were not ordered until 2 months before the date. After contacting Janice and explaining the situation, she was more than willing to not only help in creating the bride’s vision but she also agreed to prepare the favor boxes with personalized ribbons. Needless to say, everything went smoothly because of the tremendous heart, superior service and delicious cookies provided by Janice – Flippin’ Good Cookies. The bride was beyond happy to see her favor boxes filled with her heart-shaped shortbread cookies sitting on the guest tables. I will be suggesting cookies from Flippin’ Good to all of my clients. Thanks for being so willing to save our bride’s SPECIAL day!!!


There’s no Place Like Home

We were almost swept off our Flippin’ feet at the St. Johns Town Center Farmers Market last Friday.  The energy that was going around was crazy & not just from the tornado.  As soon as we saw the funnel cloud we tried to get heck out of Kansas, and our fearless Superhero Flip was on hand to help hold down tents & make sure that everyone got out safe.  People were running around like crazy, but thank goodness everyone got out of there.

tornado jacksonville

What a scary experience, but at least our cookies weren’t blown away by the wind, just by their taste.  Leave us a comment & let us know where you were & tell us your experience when you saw the waterspout.  Even though it was a little scary, it was also pretty cool.

What a Great Weekend!

Flippin’ Good Cookies had a busy fun filled weekend! 

Saturday we were out at the awesome Riverside Arts Market. What a chill & fun time.  As usual, all the vendors were great & we made some cool new friends.mike&customer

Who couldn’t resist these!riverside market-cranberry cookies                                                                                                                   (follow the cookies above to meet the rest of us:)

Click on the link below to see all about the Riverside Arts Market & a list of the amazing vendors.  Don’t forget to stop by & say hi on our next Market Day Saturday June 27th!

RAM logo

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