20 of the Best Cookies from Pinterest.

Whenever I get a case of “cookie-makers-block”, I find myself on Pinterest. No matter what your profession, I guarantee you’ll find some inspiring content on this “social pinboard”. These are just some of the best creative cookies I’ve found from the last few weeks:


iPhone Cookies: Perfect for any Apple-fan!

Ballet Cookies

Any ballerina would love these!


Christmas Cookies

It’s always wise to be planning ahead! What I like most about these cookies is that they use non-traditional colors, but still manage to stay “festive”.


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My new found love for Pinterest…

Sometimes I feel like I’m always late to the game when it comes to the newest things on the information-super-highway (yes, I still call it that)!  So, I recently stumbled across a little-known website called Pinterest, and I’m soooooooo glad I did! For anyone as “behind the times” as I, the basic premise of Pinterest is as a social networking website, but purely for images and video. For people with a short attention-span (such as yours truly) it’s PERFECT! A simple search for “cookies” turned out more ideas than I even know what to do with! Here are some of my favorites:


Reindeer Cookies


Bride and Groom Cookies



Tea Party Cookies


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