20 of the Best Cookies from Pinterest.

Whenever I get a case of “cookie-makers-block”, I find myself on Pinterest. No matter what your profession, I guarantee you’ll find some inspiring content on this “social pinboard”. These are just some of the best creative cookies I’ve found from the last few weeks:


iPhone Cookies: Perfect for any Apple-fan!

Ballet Cookies

Any ballerina would love these!


Christmas Cookies

It’s always wise to be planning ahead! What I like most about these cookies is that they use non-traditional colors, but still manage to stay “festive”.


Cookie in Cookie

Cookie in a cookie! Now why didn’t I think of that!?!?

Camera Cookies

Various camera cookies for a photography enthusiast.



Cowboy Cookies



Melted Snowman Cookie

Poor snowman!


More Ballet Cookies

More beautiful ballerina cookie designs.


Owl Cookies

Big and little owl.



Pilot Cookies

I REALLY love these, and they are so easy for me to make since I already do custom printing onto my cookies!



Rabbit Cookies

I like that they made the rabbit and the carrot as separate cookies. Very creative!



Rocket Cookie

Blast off!


Spider Halloween Cookies

More Halloween ideas!



Spiderman Cookies

Web-slinging cookies for a Spiderman fan!



Summer Cookies

Summer-inspired designs.



Tea Party Cookies

Tea party cookies.



Thank You Cookies

Why send a card when you can send these “Thank-you cookies”!


Train Cookie

The “Little Engine That Could” cookies.


Flower Cookies in a Pot

I really like the presentation on these flower-pot cookies on a stick.


Nintendo Wii Cookies

For the avid-gamer!
  • Tamsyn

    It would be great if you shared the credits for these…

    • Hi Tamsyn, I apologize for not responding to you sooner. You made a good point and we will feature the cookie sources in the future. Thank you for your feedback.