Boo! A not so scary Halloween cookie story.

Ghost cookies on a holiday platter.

Ghost cookies on a holiday platter.

Ghost cookies hanging from a tree

Ghost cookies hanging from a tree

Royal Icing big eyes

Royal Icing big eyes

I love Halloween.  It reminds me of a change of weather and even though I live in Florida, it is at least NORTH Florida.  Almost Georgia actually.  But I digress; so back to the real topic.

While creating these cute Ghosts cookies for a customer, I realized I did not have enough big eyes for the faces.  The order was last minute and I had to make 13 dozen within a couple of days.

Since I had a day to spare, I made them.  So easy too!  First you start with a batch of royal icing.  Even though royal icing is naturally white, I added Wilton’s white icing to really make the whites of the eye pop with an added brightness.  I then used a small squeeze bottle and cut the tip from the top to make the opening a little bit larger, and eyeballed (sorry, I couldn’t resist) the shape and size and added big white dots to parchment paper.  Before the eyes set, I added a tiny dot of black to make the eyes come to life.  A #1 tip works great for this. To speed up the drying, I set a fan next to the tray and let it dry overnight.  The next day, I was happy to see the eyes set nicely. Going eyeball to eyeball, I placed my finger under the parchment paper and pushed the eye away from the parchment paper to separate them and finished taking them off with a spatula.  You need to be extra careful doing this since the eyes are not totally set.  Always remember to make more than what you need as some of the eyes just didn’t make it.  Things happen in the cookie world so I try to stay ahead of the game.

Wilton’s Wilton’s white, white icing

Wedding Dessert Table, Lego & Fleur De Lis cookies

Wedding Dessert Table, Lego & Fleur De Lis cookies.  Organizing a wedding can be challenging without a theme, especially if it is a family wedding.  No stress right? So using legos and fleur de lis cookies seemed like a challenging combination, but knowing the bride and groom, it makes perfect sense.  Our future daughter-in-law did not want a traditional wedding cake for her special day.  Actually, she did not want ANY cake for her reception.

Quite frankly, I was a little hesitant about not having a wedding cake. I mean, who doesn’t look forward to “THE CAKE” during a wedding reception.

So, we continued with the lego and New Orleans themes, put our heads together and decided that we would go with a dessert table theme that would reflect hers and our son’s life.  She is a speech pathologist for special needs children and uses legos as part of her communication with her patients.  Our son just loves legos and to this day adds legos to his collection that he had started since childhood.

In place of a wedding cake, we created a two layer butter cream, chocolate chip cookie cake adorned with lego candies.  We also had mini cupcakes, cake pops…and of course cookies.

Our family is from New Orleans and our son is a die-hard Saints fan.  So, the dinner tables had fleur de lis cookies at each place setting.  After putting together both themes, it just all fell in place and it made perfect sense.  The table was a huge hit and a big conversation piece. As we say in New Orleans, “aissez le bon temps rouler”!

P.S. I must say, not a single person asked, “Where is the wedding cake”?

chris and kaitlin looking at table

A very happy bride and groom

Lego and fleur de lis cookies

Lego and fleur de lis cookies

It's a wedding!

It’s a wedding!

Chocolate chip cookie wedding cake

Chocolate chip cookie wedding cake

cookie on plate


Is it a cookie cake or is it a cake?

We have added another dimension to our cookie cakes.   We always want to change things up and get our creativity going.  We also listen to our customers and find that especially brides are moving away from traditional cakes and going towards fun desserts.  We have “elevated” our 12″ round cookie cake into a two layer elegant chocolate chip cookie cake.  It has a chocolate ganache in the center and the outside decoration is made with our butter cream icing. Mmmmmm. Wedding anyone?



Cool blues on a white cake stand

Cool blues on a white cake stand

two tier cake on plate

Orange it is!

Orange it is!

A slice of heaven

A slice of heaven

Celebration cake

Celebration cake

Springtime Cookies

We have a customer who loves to bring sunshine to their customers’ day by sending them bright and cheerful cookies.  Lavender was the theme this year.  Although these are made with our signature all-butter vanilla shortbread, we have a lavender flavored version as well.

Ahhh. Lavender-Fresh as springtime.

Ahhh. Lavender-Fresh as springtime.

lavender cookies multi trays

lavender cookies in basket

Anything from one dozen cookies to thousands of corporate logo cookies shipped at a time.

We specialize in logo cookies and a customer had a request for 2,000 logo cookies to be shipped around the country.  No problem, except we were a little bit anxious as it was during a week of  blizzards and icy roads in areas that are not used to snow.

But we did it!  Mission accomplished!

We ship!

We ship!

adp cookies being packaged adp cookies in container adp cookies on rack

St. Valentine’s Day Fun for Everyone

St. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays and  I love that you can take a theme and change it to make it fit different personalities.  It doesn’t always have to be a heart shaped cookie.  A lot of our corporate customers use us for their gift giving, because they want their clients to see that they do have a big heart!

Whale you be my Valentine?

Whale you be my Valentine?

Mmmmm. Chocolate and more chocolate!

Mmmmm. Chocolate and more chocolate!

A rose is a rose especially a shortbread with colorful butter cream icing on top

A rose is a rose especially a shortbread with colorful butter cream icing on top.

Cute and sweet.

Cute and sweet.

Companies love these for their clients

Companies love these for their clients.

Love bug Valentine.

Love bug Valentine.

hearts in bakery box

I am only a heartbeat away.

Only a heartbeat away to a delicious box of cookies.

envelope and lips

It’s beginning to look a lot like…….. Cookies!

Turkey is almost here and gone, and the stores are loaded with “packaged treats” for sale for Christmas and Hanukkah!

We use the Freshest ingredients with never any preservatives or additives! We take care of shipping Anywhere and packaged beautiful gifts that make you look great are a super way to go…..

Choose one of our delicious traditional favorites, or send us an image or logo and we will make it a delicious memory!

Think about your boss, sitter, teacher, parties, and DO NOT forget Santa!!( you’re on the nice list)





Happy Halloween and more…

Some of our most creative and fun ideas come from our customers.  We love to customize gifts for their clients or employees.  We can do this within any budget.  Our aim is to help our customers have a flippin’ good time with fun and delicious cookies!

Platter of "bootiful" Halloween cookies

Platter of “bootiful” Halloween cookies

Fun treats from a nice boss!

Fun treats from a nice boss!

Jacksonville Chamber Halloween Beach Bash

Jacksonville Chamber Halloween Beach Bash

Mickey Mouse love Halloweeen!

Mickey Mouse loves Halloween!

Just like a snowflake, no two ghosts look alike

Just like a snowflake, no two ghosts look alike

Fall into Fun Ideas for Cookies

Wow!!! The kids are back in school and of course, the soccer, football, baseball, ballet and so many other events have started back up….and you are probably exhausted! Just think: Halloween is just a few weeks away and Christmas less than 3 months! YIKES!!!!

Hopefully you’re using the Internet for Fun recipes, decorating tips and easy ideas to help make your life easier with so much going on. Simply type in your browser searches like,…..Cookie ideas, Quick snacks,Microwave meals, Leftover magic or rainy day fun….you’ll be AMAZED at all the wonderful
people that have put in great ideas!!

Here’s a few things we have been working on in our kitchens and as always, love sharing our sweets with all of you!

a href=””>IMG_0710.JPGIMG_9789.JPGIMG_9790.JPGth


How Ameris Bank uses Flippin’ Good Cookies to sweeten up their events and sales calls.

Tasty words from Meredith Porter with Ameris Bank…

The most influential way Flippin’ Good Cookies helps me would be their quick, professional and excellent customer service that both Janice and Mike provide on a daily basis. It is a tasty product that really stands out and makes Ameris Bank unique when I am out meeting potential new clients. They have helped me earn actual business and those clients remember our first encounter and talk about how different and delicious the cookies are. It’s a double win for both the bank and the customer!!

ameris 5 year

 Five Year Anniversary for Ameris Bank St. Johns Town Center Branch


ameris table

Table setup with cookies ready for their customers

I have them tie my business card with a matching ribbon around the individualized clear bag to hand to potential clients as I am beating the streets. Customers think they are adorable and they can eat the evidence.ameris bank with business card

Sweet Reading!!

We are always busy baking treats and creating yummies, but we love seeing what others are doing….

It’s wonderful admiring ( drooling ) over other peoples goodies and reviews to give everyone tips!

If you’re anywhere near Jacksonville Florida…. jaxfoodcritic and urbanspoon can help you find some good places to eat.

Check out these sites:

These are some great resources and we enjoy sharing!!

Here’s to toasting with Cookies & Champagne!!

Enjoy every Flippin’ Good bite of life:)

6 Sweet Summertime Tips(and some of our latest creations!)

Summertime and the livin’ is easy, and the cooking should be too!

We’d love to give you a few tips we have learned to help keep cooking easier, or at least keep it cooler!

1. Place fruit in the water of your ice cube trays/ pretty or use kool-aid/crystal light

2. Serve a cold salsa bar with chips for a refreshing and healthy snack

3. Use that blender and create a signature smoothie for each person in your household and see how creative they can be…don’t forget mint,spinach and kale( a great way to hide greens from kids)

4. Having a pool party? Use a kiddie pool to float your favorite beverages in! Cute and EASY!!!

5. Skewer doesn’t always mean grill! Use cold veggies marinated in your favorite Italian style dressing and don’t forget the mozzarella! ‘Mmmm!

6. Cream Cheese= instant spread/Mix in pineapple, any spices(fresh if possible) salsa,scallions,chili peppers,crab, shrimp and more!!